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The University Group for Identification Technologies (GUTI) was initially founded by Dr. Jose L. Zoreda in 1989 at the ETSIT in Polytechnic University of Madrid. In 2000 GUTI moved to Carlos III University of Madrid under the management of Dr. Raul Sanchez-Reillo. Currently GUTI's working lines are based on Identification Devices (focusing on smartcards and RFID), Information Security and Biometrics.

GUTI has a broad expertise in working with a variety of technology and service providers, and in applying this know-how in different areas, such as:
  • Training: undergraduate, postgraduate, postdoctoral, company specific training, etc.
  • Standardization: active participation in international bodies such as ISO/IEC JTC1 SC17, SC27 and SC37, and CEN TC224. GUTI holds the Chair of the Spanish SC17 and the Secretariat of the Spanish SC37.
  • Evaluation and Assesment: for ID devices, application development and end-user acceptance.
  • Project Development: compliant with client requirements, both technical and dealing with confidentiality.
  • Research and Development (R&D): in devices, sensors, algorithms, new technologies, integration (e.g. match-on-card, system-on-card), etc.

You can see the following introductory video (also available in Spanish).