R&D Lines:

  • Mobility Identification Technologies (smartphones, tablets, netbooks...)
  • Identification Devices (especially smartcards and RFID), since 1994.
  • Security and Cryptographic Mechanisms (both secret and public key), since 1995.
  • Biometric Identification Systems, since 1996:
    • Biometric Modalities: Iris, Hand Geometry, Vascular systems, Handwritten Signature and Fingerprint.
    • Multibiometrics: multimodality, multi-sensor, multi-algorithm. Both Fusion and Complementarity.
    • Integration of Biometris in Smartcards and Tokens.
    • Securing Biometrics: process, storage, communications, etc.
  • Testing Methodology: both in performance and in security.

GUTI has contributed with a large amount of publications both in journals and conferences, and in standardization holding also editorship roles for several standards.