Aitor Mendaza-Ormaza

Aitor Mendaza Ormaza

Aitor Mendaza-Ormaza obtained his Degree in Telecommunication Engineering (bilingual) at University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) in 2008. He is currently working at the Electronics Technology Department in University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M), as part of the University Group For Identification Technologies (GUTI).

Furthermore, he is currently obtaining a Interuniversity master's Degree in Multimedia and Communications and is working on his PhD thesis.

He worked for two years in a software company developing software and mantaining servers until he came back to the University to continue his studies. In his free time he design web pages .


His resumee is:

(latest update, September'09)

  • R&D in Projects 
    • 2 National/Regional Projects obtained through competitive tendering
    • 4 Project/Contracts for Companies and Institutions
  • Conferences
    • 3 International Conferences
    • 1 Spanish Conferences
  • Pre-graduate Teaching
    • 2 Final Degree Projects [2008 – ]