Ruben Romero-Garcia

Ruben Romero-Garcia obtained his Bachelor in Industrial Electronics and Automation at University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) in 2012. Furthermore, he obtained his Master Degree in Industrial Engineering, also at UC3M, in 2014. His Master Thesis was focused on the specification of an international standard for the development of biometric applications.

He worked at the Electronics Technology Department in UC3M, as part of the University Group For Identification Technology (GUTI). He joined GUTI in December 2012, and he left in October 2014.

His resumee is: (latest update, October' 14)

  • Main research lines
    • Standardization: Design and development of the ISO/IEC 30106-3, corresponding to the international standard Object Oriented BioAPI in C#
    • Biometrics: Design and development of several biometric applications following the BioAPI C# philosophy, mainly about comparison and identification based on fingerprint, offline signature and face recognition
    • Evaluation: Design and development of several evaluation applications, some of which following the BioAPI C# philosophy, related to biometric sensors and quality image analysis.
  • Publications
    • 2 Papers in national and international conferences