Oscar Miguel-Hurtado

Oscar Miguel Hurtado

Oscar Miguel-Hurtado graduated as Industrial Engineering by University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) in 2004. He is currently working at the University Group of Identification Technologies (GUTI), as a R&D engineer, and also as an Assistant Teacher at the Electronics Technology Department in University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M). His PhD is focused on automatic identification systems by on-line and off-line handwritten signature. He is a member of the Spanish National Body for IEEE Standards subcommittee SC37.

His resumee is: (latest update, September'09)

  • R&D in Projects 
    • 9 National/Regional Projects obtained through competitive tendering
    • 2 Project/Contracts for Companies and Institutions
  • National and International Representations and Memberships
    • Member of the Spanish Standardization Subcommittee AEN / CTN71 / S327 "Biometrics"
  • Publications
    • Co-editor of 2 International Standards (ISO/IEC 19794-7, ISO/IEC 19794-11)
  • Conferences
    • 6 International Conferences
  • Long Term Staying Abroad
    • University of Kent, Canterbury (United Kingdom), 2009 (24 weeks), with Prof. M. C. Fairhurst and Dr. Richard Guest.
    • Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw (Poland), 2007 (36 weeks), with Prof. Andrzej Pacut.
  • Pre-graduate Teaching
    • Microelectronics (Manufacturing, VHDL) [2005 – 2008]
    • Digital Electronics [2005 – 2009]
    • Analog Electronics [2006 – 2009]
    • Electronic Engineering Fundamentals [2008 – 2009]