Inmaculada Tomeo-Reyes

Inmaculada Tomeo Reyes

Inmaculada Tomeo-Reyes obtained her Degree in Telecommunication Engineering (bilingual) at University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) in 2008. She is currently working at the Electronics Technology Department in University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M), as a R&D engineer in the University Group for Identification Technologies (GUTI).

Furthermore, she has finished a Master Degree in Multimedia and Communications and is working on her PhD thesis, which is focused on fraud detection mechanisms in biometric identification processes.

Besides her R&D work in the GUTI, she also does some research work in the radiofrequency field, specifically concerning the metamaterials area.

Her resumee is: (latest update, March'11)

  • Main Research Lines
    • Biometrics(Iris, Fingerprint, Hand Geometry, Palm Vein,  Signature)

    • Fraud Detection Mechanisms in Biometric Identification Processes

    • Securityin Identification Systems

    • Multibiometrics

    • Evaluation Methodologies for Biometrics
  • Other Research Lines
    • Electromagnetism and Radiofrequency Field: Application of Metamaterials to Antenna Design

  • R&D in Projects
    • 1 European Project (BEST Network)
    • 6 National/Regional Projects obtained through competitive tendering
    • 5 Project/Contracts for Companies and Institutions
  • Publications and Conferences
    • 1 Paper in International Journal
    • 9 International Conferences
    • 1 National Conference
  • Graduate Teaching
    • 2 Final Degree Projects (currently being developed)