Luis Mengibar-Pozo

Luis Mengibar Pozo

Dr. Luis Mengibar Pozo obtained his Industrial Engineering Degree (specialization in Electronics and Automation) in 1995 at Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM). He worked for a year at GEC-ALSTHOM in the IT department. Since 1996 he is working at the Electronics Technology Department in University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M). He obtained his PhD in 2003 at UC3M and currently is an associate Professor at the Electronics Technology Department of University Carlos III of Madrid.

He is an expert in Digital Design, especially in Low Power. Furthermore he is currently working biometric systems, focussing in Handwritten Signature, and in Information Security (Side Channel Cryptanalysis). Along these years working at UC3M he has taken part in a great amount R&D projects.

His resumee is: (latest update, September'09)

  • R&D in Projects
    • 3 European Projects: Amatista, eEpoch, BioSec.
    • 1 European Network (BEST Network)
    • 2 CENIT Projects (Segur@, INTEGRA)
    • 3 National Projects (competitive tendering): BACO, SIDECAR, PIBES
    • 5 Regional Projects (competitive tendering): SIGAME II, SCORE, CP06, CP07
    • 12 Complementary Actions
    • 17 Project/Contracts for Companies and Institutions
  • Publications and Conferences
    • 4 Papers in International Journals
    • 17 International Conferences
  • Long Term Staying Abroad
    • Chung-Ang University, Seoul (Korea), 2007 (21 weeks), with Prof. Young-Bin Kwon.
    • Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw (Poland), 2007 (13 weeks), with Prof. Andrzej Pacut.
  • Post-graduate Teaching
    • Microelectronics Design
  • Pre-graduate Teaching
    • Microprocessors (ARM7, PIC, 8051)
    • Microelectronics (Manufacturing, VHDL, Digital design with FPGAs)
    • Digital Electronics
    • Analog Electronics
    • Electronic Engineering Fundamentals
    • More than 10 Final Degree Projects